How to reach

To get to the villa, you must reach the ferry port in city of Split. If you are coming by an airplane, the ferry port is approximately 24 km away from the airport. Usually it takes about 35 minutes, but please note that it can vary greatly depending on the traffic and weather conditions.

Town of Hvar is situated in the southwest of Island of Hvar. To get to Hvar, it’s possible to come through two ports. One is in Hvar (only powered catamaran passenger ferryapproximately 1,6 km from the hotel), and another is in Stari Grad (a ferry port, approx. 18 km from the hotel). (Picture 1)  

   Picture 1: Location of town of Hvar on Island of Hvar   


1a) If you are coming from city of Split, by a vehicle, take a ferry to town of Stari Grad 

Timetable of the ferry can be accessed here:  

2aFrom the ferry port in Stari Grad, follow the road to Hvar, approximately 18 km (Picture 2).  

Picture 2: Distance from Stari Grad to Hvar  

3aWhen you enter Hvar (Picture 3), follow thmain road straight for the next 710 meters (Picture 4) 

Picture 3Town of Hvar   

Picture 4Directions from the beginning of Hvar to villas  

4a) After 710 meters, follow the main road to the right (Picture 5) 

Picture 5: After 710 m, follow the main road to the right  

5a) After 2,4 km (Picture 4) turn left (Picture 6), and then follow the road to the right (Picture 7)Follow the main road for the next 1,4 km.   

6a) After 3,8 km (Picture 4) turn right to enter the parking (Picture 8) 

7a) The villas parking (based on availability) will be on the left side (Picture 9) 

Picture 6After 2,4 km turn left  

Picture 7After turning left, follow the road to the right  

Picture 8: Turn right to enter the parking  

Picture 9: The villas parking will be on the left side 

 – – – – – – – – – –                  – – – – – – – – – – 

1b) If you are travelling without a vehicle, get directly to Hvar by catamaran (powered catamaran passenger ferry) from Split or Dubrovnik.  

Time table of the catamaran can be accessed here:  

2b) The villas are approximately 1,620 meters away by walk from the Hvar port (Picture 10) 

Picture 10: A path to the hotel from the Hvar port by walk  

3b) When you get to Hvar port, follow a path by the sea for 1,200 meters (Picture 10) 

4b) After 1,200 meters, climb the stairs on the right (Picture 11), and follow the path straight for the next 40 meters. 

Picture 11: After 1,200 meters from the port, climb the stairs 

5b) When you get to Vlade Avelinija street, turn right (Picture 12) 

Picture 12: Turn right to Vlade Avelinija street  

6b) Follow the street for the next  200 meters. After 200 meters, you will have two options to reach the front desk*: to go straight (a path with stairs) or to turn right (a path without stairs) (Picture 13 & Picture 14) 

Picture 13: To get to the front desk, go straight or turn right 

Picture 14To get to the front desk, go straight or turn right  

7b) If you go straight, follow the street for the next 90 meters. After 90 meters, climb the stairs (Picture 15) 

The front desk* is in the hotel on the left side (Picture 16) 

Picture 15After 90 meters, climb the stairs 

Picture 16: The hotel is on the left side 

8b) If you turn right, follow the street for the next 85 meters. After 85 meters, turn left (Picture 17) 

The front desk* is in the hotel on the right side (Picture 18) 

  Picture 17: After 85 meters, turn left

Picture 18: The hotel will be on the right side